Our Service Areas

 Business Advisory Services

  • Advising on business and revenue models
  • Preparation and evaluation of detailed business plans and fund raising structures
  • Conducting feasibility study, performing financial analysis and evaluation of proposed projects
  • Assisting in the preparation of cash flow and profit forecast
  • Advising on strategies for divestiture and acquisition of enterprises and business
  • Introduction and matching of business and joint venture partners
  • Provision of interim management for Chinese operations

 Pre-IPO Planning, Corporate and Operational Restructuring

  • Reviewing the existing financial reporting system, streamlining structures and advising on corporate and operational restructuring
  • Dealing with issues on taxation, accounting, internal control and compliance identified during the initial review
  • Coordinating with other professional members of the IPO team, in providing and securing the necessary tax and other opinions related to different jurisdictions, and attending to enquires from the stock exchange
  • Devising a proper trust structure for controlling and major shareholders of the listed vehicle
  • Setting up and implementing the trust and corporate structures

 Cross Border Tax Planning

  • Advising on tax issues arising from residency, cross border investment, mergers and acquisitions, and sale of foreign subsidiaries and businesses
  • Assisting multi-national groups to set up trading structures in Hong Kong, Macao and other tax jurisdictions to achieve tax efficiency
  • Advising on international group and sub-group holding structures using holding companies in various jurisdictions
  • Advising on international intellectual property ownership and licensing structures
  • Advising on tax efficient corporate structures and utilizing double taxation treaties
  • Tax planning arrangements for foreign executives on international assignment services in Hong Kong, Macao and Mainland China
  • Transfer pricing studies, documentation and disputes resolution

 International Estate and Trust Planning

  • Pre-immigration planning using, corporations, trusts and other arrangements
  • Structuring and establishment of different trusts structures
  • International estate and succession planning
  • Setting up trust structures for major or controlling shareholders of listed companies, advising on transfers of shares to the trust
  • Advising on trust distributions, reporting, filings, operations
  • Restructuring, re-domiciliation and winding of trusts, upon expiry of tax exempt periods, emigration and change of tax residency
  • Review of existing trust structures to assess exposure to and compliance with local and foreign laws and regulations

 Investments and Operations in China

  • Formulation of strategies for investment in China for international investors
  • Formation of Wholly Foreign Owned Investment Enterprises, Joint Ventures and foreign representative offices in China
  • Incorporation of Chinese companies and formation of Chinese entities
  • Setting up operations in bonded zones in China
  • Proposing optimum structures for operations in China
  • Advising on corporate and individual taxes, VAT, import and customs duty, foreign exchange control and government regulatory and compliance issues
  • Proposing optimum tax strategy for executives living / working in China
  • Tax compliance services, including tax registration and filings, for Foreign Investment Enterprises and their executives
  • Resolving tax disputes with tax bureaus in China
  • Attending to tax audits of Foreign Investment Enterprises
  • Transfer pricing studies, documentation and disputes resolution
  • Advance pricing agreement with Chinese revenue authority

 Hong Kong Tax Planning and Compliance

  • Providing Profits Tax, Salaries Tax and Property Tax compliance and tax filing services for corporations, partnerships, trusts and individuals
  • Dealing with enquiries and assessments raised by the tax authorities
  • Advising on tax efficient executive remuneration arrangements
  • Corporate restructuring and stamp duty mitigation arrangements
  • Advisory services on formation of charitable trusts and corporations and application for charitable status
  • Advisory services on compliance issues and corporation government of charities
  • Assisting taxpayers to resolve tax disputes with the Revenue

 Hong Kong Tax Disputes Resolution and Litigation

  • Providing specialist advice on merits of a taxpayer’s case
  • Formulation of taxpayer’s case and strategies on tax disputes, relating to source of profits, capital gains or other complicated technical issues
  • Gathering evidence in support of an appeal
  • Preparation of witness statements, bundle of documents and other relevant documents in support of the tax appeal
  • Representing taxpayers at Board of Review hearings
  • On complicated tax litigation, seeking tax opinion from and instructing legal counsel to represent the taxpayer in Board of Review and court hearings
  • Providing tax expert support to instructing solicitors on civil tax appeals in Courts and prosecutions of tax evasion offences

 Hong Kong Tax Audits and Investigations

  • Providing technical and strategic support on tax audits and investigation cases
  • Review of and performing an audit on business operations to assess tax audit and investigation risk
  • Advising on voluntary disclosure of understatement of profits and income
  • Advising on possible government actions against offences under the penal sections, representation under Section 82A (4) of Inland Revenue Ordinance and appeal against additional tax (administrative penalty)

 Investment in Macao

  • Evaluating the use of Macao as a location for business and operational plans
  • Advising on formation and compliance requirements of Macao Companies and Macao branches
  • Co-ordination with auditors, lawyers and bankers in Macao
  • Establishment of Macao office and recruitment of local staff
  • Provision of registered and correspondence office in Macao
  • Application for work permits and immigration visas in Macao

 Corporate Services

  • Incorporation of international companies and domestic entities: including Hong Kong, China, Macao, Canada, US, UK , BVI, Danish, Dutch, Swiss, French, Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man, Cayman Islands, British Virgin Islands, Mauritius, Samoa, Bahamas, Singapore, Malaysia and Labuan
  • Assisting to open bank accounts for international and domestic activities
  • Providing full and comprehensive business support to international trading companies
  • Attendance in Board and Committee meetings and minutes taking
  • Maintenance of companies and company records
  • Provision of accounting and business support
  • Assisting in corporate dissolution, liquidation and de-registration processes
  • Provision of registered and correspondence offices in Hong Kong, Macao and Shenzhen