Under the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance (Cap. 32), every Hong Kong Limited Company must appoint at least one company secretary. The company secretary takes an essential role within a Hong Kong Limited Company. Not only is any company, public or private, registered in Hong Kong required to appoint at least one company secretary under the Hong Kong Company Ordinance, the appointed company secretary is an officer of the company reporting directly to the board of directors and the chairman.

The company secretary’s function is to maintain and administer the statutory records of a Hong Kong Limited Company and to provide sound and timely advice to directors and board members on key issues such as corporate governance and compliance with applicable laws and regulations. A broad and thorough knowledge of the applicable rules and regulations is imperative and non-compliance will result in penalties or sanctions. TLP can render the needed company secretary services, if you do not employ company secretarial staff yourself.

Apart from corporate compliance with the rules and regulations a Hong Kong Limited Company is subjected to, the company secretary and thus company secretary services also plays a pivotal role in corporate and business restructuring exercises.

TLP can be appointed as company secretary for your Hong Kong Limited Company and render the necessary and needed company secretary services.

We are committed to reduce your worries and doubts in regard of all relevant laws pertaining company secretarial duties and company secretary services. In addition, we can assess whether your businesses corporate strategy is generally in compliance with statutory laws and analyse the opportunities of your Hong Kong Limited Company.

Our company secretary services include:

  1. Setting up new companies in Hong Kong, Macau, BVI, Cayman Islands and many other jurisdictions
  2. Assistance on bank account opening
  3. Arranging and attending meetings of directors and shareholders and preparation of minutes
  4. Preparing and maintenance of statutory records and acting as company secretary
  5. Preparing and maintenance of significant controllers register
  6. Preparing and filing of returns and documents in compliance with the Companies Ordinance
  7. Provision of registered office and correspondence addresses in Hong Kong, Shenzhen China and Macau
  8. Liquidation, dissolution and cessation of business in different jurisdictions

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